Converting the vision towards a 100% renewable energy future into reality

According to an African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” In this spirit, this blog post is an open invitation for the whole energy ecosystem to innovate together with us at Wärtsilä. We are committed to our vision towards a 100% renewable energy future and we want to work together around innovations to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy. We see business opportunities and we are confident that we, together with others, will revolutionize the global energy market.

It is not only talk, it’s already happening

We at Wärtsilä see the changes in the global market and we understand that designing the future market is an ecosystem game, which is about developing new roles and operation models for different interplays.

Wärtsilä has reinvented itself through its history and now we are doing it again. The new Wärtsilä is the Smart Partner Campus  established in connection of the Smart Technology Hub and platforms like Committed. We consider our greatest asset to be the Wärtsilä culture, which is shaped by our employees.

This is the foundation on which the Smart Technology Hub is being built in Vaasa, Finland, where a large portion of the Wärtsilä employees are based. The city of Vaasa also hosts the biggest energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries. Vaasa region has only 2% of Finland’s population, but the export rate is over 80% and we cover 30% of the total export of energy technology in Finland. The largest new projects in Vaasa are related to renewable energy production or improvement of energy efficiency, accelerating the innovation activities towards the 100% renewable energy future.

Platforms, collaborations and an entire new way of operating

The Smart Partner Campus and the Committed community are part of the same story, the purpose is to have an action driven approach and to collaborate around concrete projects. The ambitious projects will require new structures where different industries, innovators, policy makers and NGO’s work seamlessly together for the same goals, rising above their competitive interests.

The Smart Partner Campus is not only a physical location, it is also a new, global operating model for Wärtsilä to develop solutions and business together with other players. It should be seen as the starting point for co-operation, in which Wärtsilä is not always actively involved but which will benefit the whole industrial ecosystem.

The ambition with the Smart Partner Campus is to speed up the development and bring offerings faster to the market. Wärtsilä chose Demos Helsinki representing the Committed community as one of the first cooperation partners in designing a new operating model and creating a so-called playbook for how we work together in the Smart Partner Campus.

The partnership was announced in connection with the Vaasa EnergyWeek 2019 organized in March. The other partners are Danfoss, NLC Ferry Ab Oy, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Vaasan Sähkö Oy and University of Vaasa. Demos Helsinki will bring insight into how to collaborate and work together to enable the energy transition.

We see the Committed community as a key partner, and we wanted to involve the community at an early stage to create synergies and value for all the players involved. We are just gearing up for launching projects in the Committed community, and we, from Wärtsilä have already initiated concrete one-to-one collaboration initiatives with St1, Fortum and Tieto as spin-offs from community workshops.

Read more about Committed and the first initiative in this Wärtsilä Twentyfour7 article.

Eleonor Hedström, Wärtsilä

Eleonor Hedström
Wärtsilä Finland Oy