David J. Cord

If the wind will not come to us, we will go to the wind

By David J. Cord / 21.9.2020

An innovative idea to produce wind energy in the Arctic for use in southern Finland received a significant boost in the Committed community.

The challenge with renewable energy sources like solar or wind is that they are intermittent. They produce power when the sun shines or the wind blows, not necessarily when it is demanded. But there are a few places in the world that are the holy grail of renewables: they can produce lots of clean energy cheaply and reliably.

The first voluntary market for carbon removal

By David J. Cord / 26.8.2020

Puro.earth allows companies to buy and sell CO2 removal certificates. It underwent development in the Committed community.

Stopping carbon emissions is good; but also removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere is required. There are various ways to capture and store CO2, but many methods are time-consuming and hard to verify. Puro.earth can be the solution. It is the world’s first voluntary carbon removal marketplace, and it underwent significant development in the Committed community.

Mikael Matikainen - Vaasa ilmasta 3

Good life in carbon neutral Vaasa

By David J. Cord / 23.6.2020

A collaboration project to help the city of Vaasa, Finland become carbon neutral by 2030 was born in the Committed community.

The city of Vaasa intends to be carbon neutral within ten years. To achieve such a big goal in such a short time they need competent partners and a clear action plan. They took a major step forward in reaching their ambition with a new data collaboration project with roots in the Committed community.