The world needs to limit global warming by a maximum of 1.5 degrees. For this to be realised, the energy sector must play a far greater role. Everyone wants to transform the energy system, but the change is painfully slow. COMMITTED was born from the urge to act faster.

We believe that collaboration over competition is the best strategy to achieve more faster. By acting as partners, we have both the insight and the muscle to transform the way we think, produce, transmit, and use energy.

While the challenge of climate change and energy revolution is massive, the opportunity is enormous. Curbing climate change is not only a value choice but really good business. We want to be forerunners in showing this. With COMMITTED as our platform, we explore business opportunities together and turn them into actual products and services and entirely new business models that enable others to make the better choice for their business and the planet.

COMMITTED was founded by Fortum, St1, TietoEVRY, Wärtsilä and Demos Helsinki in autumn 2018. Our mission is to show that there is no reason to wait. We are committed together to accelerate the clean energy revolution and save the planet while creating better business.




AIM HIGH // We are in the business of
saving the planet by accelerating clean energy.

We are a platform to throw in, improve &
validate ideas, ambitious or ripe to seize.

ACT // This community is about doing.
Ideas turn into joint action fast.

TRUST // We value collaboration over
competition and share our insights and

BE OPEN // Energy transition does not happen without new actors and collaboration, without sharing visions and joining people to the story.

REACH FOR GLOBAL // We look for ideas and opportunities with global relevance.