St1 is a Nordic energy company, whose vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. While fossil fuels are still our main source of income, it allows us to build world-class expertise in introducing more and more renewable energy to the market. We produce advanced ethanol from waste, electricity from wind and heat from the ground.

In the spirit of our vision, we research and develop economically viable, environmentally sustainable renewable energy solutions. For example, St1 pilots sustainable carbon sequestering in Morocco as the first step towards creating a validated and approved tool for combating climate change through carbon sinks created via afforestation.

We need to take urgent action to combat climate change. To solve the global energy challenges, we need to work together to focus on the most impactful things and get them done. We started Committed because its vision, aim to have open discussions and real actions against climate change – not forgetting the role of business.


Riitta Silvennoinen
Community key contact
Acting Director, Future Energy Business, St1

Heidi Laurila_web

Heidi Laurila
Community key contact (on maternity leave)
Director, Future Energy Business, St1


Jari Suominen
Community advisor,
Senior Advisor, St1