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Demos Helsinki is an independent think tank and consultancy, working together with the public and private sector, academia and NGOs to build sustainable and fair post-industrial societies. We are specialised in thinking the most wicked societal challenges of our time, consultancy services related to solving them and in entirely new ways of cooperation with organisations and people.

The need for clean energy revolution is one of the most urgent to solve the most fundamental of the challenges, climate change. We see Committed as a necessary vehicle for pushing the change happen in the limited time that we have to curb climate change.

Demos has years of experience of building communities of change, of co-creation across sectors and developing ways of working in them. Our value is in creating connections between very different kinds of actors and connecting Committed to the broader societal transformation underway. Demos Helsinki manages Committed.


Outi Kuittinen
Community Manager,
Senior Expert, Demos Helsinki


Jussi Laine
Community Coordinator,
Demos Helsinki


Olli Bremer
Demos Helsinki